manufacturing of hockey sticks

manufacturing of hockey sticks manufacturing of hockey sticks


:: SWERD - History and presents


The firm REKORD has a longlasting tradition. Its roots descend to the year 1927, when Josef Ehrenberger built a wheelwright´s workshop and by this he founded the family firm. The well-established production of wheels and hooped articles was alternating with the production of wooden skis and sledges during the winter. Those products soon gained a wide popularity so that season´s work turned into main manufacturing program. Mostly after the expropriation in 1949 started the year-round production of skis at the manufacturing co-operative called VZLET and since 1952 in co-operative called START Praha.

The main breakthrough in the history of the firm took place back in 1957, when the first hockey-stick called VÍTĚZ was produced , later succeeded by VÍTĚZ SPECIAL. Thanks to their high quality, those sticks started to gain ground in internal market and the mark VÍTĚZ SPECIAL started to bring o.s. to the general public´s notice and began to gain fame in the hockey world. The firm was able to react quickly towards the market´s demands. A hockey stick suiting the needs of the professional players was developed. Not only did they use it in First league competition, but also Czech representation used it at the Olympic Games in SKLOWOVALLEY, GRENOBLE and at the World´s Championships in Sweden, Austria and Switzerland. Our sticks helped our representatives towards numerous successes. Such celebrities of Czechoslovakian ice hockey like Gutt, Bubník, Tikál, Zábrodský, Holík brothers, Suchý, Starší, Vlach and many others used them.

In 1965, because of the political reasons, the centre of production and technology was moved to different workshop, and so the hallmark of a family firm has been lost and the dynamics of the evolution of new models has started to decline fast.

Since 1993 new products have started to appear in the market under the mark REKORD. Our objective is to produce hockey-sticks comparable with those of world marks, to react pliably on market´s demands and to hold our own in hard rival fight. With a help of foreign materials of high quality such as:ABS, CARBON, KEVLAR etc. in combination with first –class quality wood, we can say we fulfill our objectives as mentioned above successfully.

Beginning with the year 2002 the whole production line has been introduced to the market under a new mark: SWED. SWERD




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