manufacturing of hockey sticks

manufacturing of hockey sticks manufacturing of hockey sticks



:: SWERD G3300 / PROFI


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High stiffness
plastic with graphitic bands
dual lamination
we recommend this stick for junior professional hockey


SWERD G3300 - Flagpole is formed by central part made of aspen wood with three layers of birch veneer. Theit is reinforced by special carbonplastic stiffened by twelve graphitic bands. The combination of such materials originates light, stiff stick for professional players.

The constuction of the blade is sandwich-like. High stiffness and durability of the stick even in it´s most strained parts is caused by application of alterning ash laminas and special dual glass-reinforced fabric.The dual lamination of the lower part of the blade and upper part of the T-square assures together the high durability of the whole stick.

Thanks to it´s special construction we recommend this stick to be used on the field of junior professional hockey.

 Length of the stick:1480 mm
 Length of the blade:410 mm, according to the incurvation
 Height of the blade:89 mm, according to the incurvation
 Length of the T-square: 680 mm
 The shape and the incurvation of the blade:
 The ending of the T-square:
 Incurvation: L/R
 Stratification of the blade:
glass-plastic fabric/ash slices/glass reinforcement/dual glassfabric [ see picture ]
 Stratification of the flagpole:
microveneer/light aspen centre/carboplastic with graphitic bands [ see picture ]
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