manufacturing of hockey sticks

manufacturing of hockey sticks manufacturing of hockey sticks



:: SWERD 3033/ PROFI


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Light stick
Special carbonlaminatet
Posibility of coice of the stiffness
   of the stick
Sandwich-like blade
Plastic wedge
Suitable for professinal hockey


SWERD 3033 - The stick consists of light aspen centre, which is edge-lipped from both horizontal sides by microveneer. The sides of the stick are reinforced by special carbonlaminate together with graphitic bands.

The possibility of choice of the required stiffness of the stick:
      X - 4 graphitic bands pásky,
      XX - 12 graphitic bands pásků
      XXX - 16 graphitic bands pásků

The blade of a sandwich construction consists of central plastic wedge (both long and short variation), which is inserted between the ash slices, which are glued through by dual laminate. Another possibility is stratified lamellar blade of profi-construction, consisting of slices of the white ash and dual laminate, reinforced by carbon fibres. Another variant is underlamination of stratified blade by aramid fabric. The whole blade is laminated over by special glass laminate, which is very light, very sturdy and resistance against abrasion, which contibutes to the stiffening of case-hardening of the blade and so it lenghtens the durability of the whole hockey-stick.

We recommend this hockey-stick to the players of the highest competitions.

Length of the stick: 1520 mm-for all variants
Incurvation: L/R
The shape and the incurvation of the stick:
Stratification of the stick: microveneer/lightened ash centre/carbonplastic with graphitic bands [ see picture ]
Stratification of the blade:

According to the customer´s wish the shapes of the blades can be combined freely with incurvations-for example:incurvation no.23 with shape no.4 and so on
We further offer the possibility of production of personal models (PM)

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