manufacturing of hockey sticks

manufacturing of hockey sticks manufacturing of hockey sticks



:: SWERD G4400 / PROFI


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Light construction
Carbonlaminate with graphitic bands
Special lamination in combination
  with aramid
Extreme stiffness and durability
Suitable for professional players


SWERD G4400 - very light, professional, the flagpole is consists of light aspen centre and horizontal lamellas made of veneers of Finnish birch. The shaft is reinforced within its whole length by special carbonlaminate with twelve graphitic bands, which gives the stick extreme stiffness and durability even in the most strained parts.

Dual glass-reinforced fabric and the slices of white ash create a highly durable blade, whose stiffness is even subsidized by the usage of aramid fabric both for lower part of the stick and for both sides of T-square as well.High durability of this special fabric prevents splinterings and thus lengthen the vitality of th whole stick.

The possibility of production of personal models (PM) according to the delivered pattern.

Thanks to its high quality, which is represented mainly by the lightness and preserved stiffness and durability, we can recommend this hockey-stick especially to the players of highest professional ice hockey competitions.

 Length of the stick:1480 mm
 Length of the blade:cca 410 mm, according to its incurvation
 Height of the blade: cca 89 mm, according to its incurvation
 Length of the T-square:680mm
  The shape and the incurvation of the blade:
 The ending of the T-square:
 The incurvation: L/R
 Stratification of the blade:
glassfibre fabric/ash slices/glass reinforcement/aramid [ see picture ]
 Stratification of the flagpole:
microveneer/lightened ash centre/carbonplastic with graphitic bands [ see picture ]
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